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The Best Winter Getaways for Families

The coolest season of the year offers many opportunities for family trips, including holiday getaways, snowy mountain escapes, and city breaks. I've included some awesome experiences in this story for traveling families.

The Top 15 Things to Do With Kids in Tokyo

From robots that entertain you while you eat, to stunning natural temple-laden gardens, to Taiko drumming masters that will teach you their moves, this vibrant city offers adventures for nature and animal lovers, tech savvy enthusiasts, fish foodies, and culture seekers. (Published in TripSavvy)

Thanksgiving Weekend Getaway Ideas and Deals

Here are fantastic places where you can enjoy a change of pace and still have turkey and all the trimmings.

Where to Take the Kids in November

The end of the autumn shoulder season brings lower prices in many destinations, only to be interrupted by Thanksgiving kicking off the holiday season. Before things get hectic during the December holidays, consider taking a family trip this month. Whether it's a theme park, a stay at a resort or just a day trip from home to a corn maze, there are some ways to make memories with your children on a November trip.

Where to Take the Kids in October

October is a great time to travel with kids in tow. Fall-themed happenings, thinned out crowds and a chill in the air make this season magical. Here are a few picks for shoulder season fun, published in TripSavvy.

The Top 10 Things to Do with Kids in Venice

It is not hard to entertain kids in Venice, a pedestrian-friendly city full of winding canals, multi-hued architecture, curved walking bridges and church domes. Everything feels enchanted and a bit topsy-turvy, where the streets are water, cars are traded for boats and high tide washes over the squares. This eccentric city will captivate your children with its gondola rides, colorful artisan shops, palaces, piazzas and gelato. Read my story, published in TripSavvy, for the top things to do with kids in Venice.

The Best Lesson I Can Teach My Kids is That I’m a Whole Person Without Them

Showing our little ones that we have our own curiosities, our own lives outside of parenting, teaches them that they should go after their own hungers as well, and grow into independent and strong passion-seeking adults. Read my story, published in SheKnows.

The Top 10 Things to Do in Cancun With Kids

The last time I was in Quintana Roo, I swam with whale sharks. Here's my story, published in TripSavvy, on things to do there with kids.

The Top Dog-Friendly Places in the US

Coast to coast and destinations in between—here are my picks for the best dog-friendly cities in the country—published in TripSavvy.

The Best Fall Getaways for Families

A story I worked on for TripSavvy, about the best fall family-friendly getaways—harvest festivals, fairs, corn mazes, pumpkins, and the aurora borealis.

Where to Take the Kids in September

As the unofficial end to summer, Labor Day weekend falls after many kids have already returned to school and yet it offers one last opportunity to end the season on a high note. These destinations make fabulous getaways for families in late summer and early fall. Check out this story I worked on for TripSavvy.

15 Epic Fall Foliage Drives with Kids

Hey, leaf peepers—or folks that maybe want to drive through states they've yet to visit. Check out this story I worked on about fall foliage drives across America, published in TripSavvy.

Why Sending Your Kids on Vacation With Grandparents is a Win-Win-Win — & Where to Go

Last summer we traveled to Montana with my in-laws. Showing them my old stomping grounds, and spending time in nature with family, was such a treat. It turns out, science backs the idea that when young people bond with mature people, massive benefits are extended both ways. These relationships are important. Check out my recently published story in SheKnows on traveling with grandparents, also published in YAHOO!

The 15 Best Things to Do in Madrid with Kids

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a bustling metropolis with well over three million residents. Visitors who travel here enjoy manicured boulevards, world-famous European art museums, sporting events and a warm Mediterranean climate. And, of course, there is plenty to do — and eat — here for families. In fact, you'll likely see children running around all over the city, at all hours, especially in the summer months. Read my list below, published in TripSavvy, for the best things to do with kids in this beautiful city.

Labor Day Weekend Getaways for Families

There are 21 travel deals for Labor Day weekend in this story I worked on for TripSavvy—from California to Florida and everywhere in between.

18 Trips to Take Before Your Kids Turn 18

When you reminisce about your happiest childhood memories, you probably recall the time you spent with your family — the camping trips, the new cities or countries you explored, the animal encounters, the beaches and lakes you swam in, and the people you met along the way.

Traveling together gives us wonderful opportunities to engage with each other and bond over new experiences. Plus, you’ll have plenty of great photographs to spark storytelling, even after your children leave the nest.

For inspiration, here are 18 places to visit — near and far — before your child turns 18, published in Make it Better magazine. This travel story, which includes my photographs, was super fun to write!

5 Life-Changing Family Vacations to Take With Your Kids Now

Life, as all parents know and feel, moves fast. Too fast. How many mothers and fathers have exclaimed, “They grow up so quickly!”? Yes, it’s cliché but true: The days are long but the years are short. One way to really make the most of the free time we have with our family is to unplug from the digital universe, leave the hustle and hubbub in our dust, and go on an intrepid adventure. Travel helps us bond with our family in a way that proves difficult when bogged down by day-to-day life, full of to-do lists, careers, school, and activities. When out exploring, away from our normal lives, we create memories, we learn about other cultures and ways of life, and we enjoy simply being together. For some travel inspiration, check out these global destinations, chosen by families who decided it was high time for their next great adventure. Here’s my published story in Make it Better magazine.

The Hottest Summer Travel Deals to Book Now

Wanderlust usually strikes when the sun comes out, and if you haven’t planned a summer vacation yet, don’t worry, you still have time. I've rounded up the best travel deals, at the hottest locations, to ensure that you’ll save a penny or two while romping around with your family in tow. Shave off some of the costly expenses, as well as find useful travel tricks and tips so you can enjoy quality time with your brood—all without the usual planning stress. Read my story, published in Red Tricycle for more intel.

20 Relaxing Family Beach Vacations (We Swear!)

Why wait in line at a busy theme park when a family beach vacation serves up heaping helpings of fresh air, relaxation and plenty to explore? We’ve rounded up our favorite beaches for low-key summer fun. From building a sand castle to family surfing lessons, these spots are sure to please. Read on to check out all the beaches that should be on your (sand) bucket list this summer. (Story in Red Tricycle.)

Suburbs to Sea: Evanston Family’s 19-Month Sailing Adventure Across the Atlantic

When Karla Koziura’s husband, Sebastian, brought up the idea of spending a year and a half at sea and crossing the Atlantic with their family, she had to think long and hard about how that would work. The Evanston family would be leaving behind their life, their jobs and their friends. Their kids, Benjie, age 4, and Sofia, age 7, would be pulled out of school and put in a new, completely foreign environment. The Koziura family harnessed their grit and gumption to make this decision: Fear of the unknown is not a good enough reason to say no to a dream. Read more in my story for Make it Better magazine.

Splurge Vacations Worth Every Penny

If you find yourself counting how many summers you have left with your kids before they leave the nest, perhaps it’s time to think big and plan a trip that usurps all other vacations. The time you’ll spend together exploring the planet will create memories sure to be the subject of conversation around the dinner table well into the future. I've rounded up some of the most amazing experiences, published in Red Tricycle, that are worth every penny—splurge vacations that will give you a return on investment in spades. Go big or go home, right?

Great Travel Destinations for Kids…But, Mostly Aimed at Parents

In this travel piece for TripSavvy, I included some of my favorite destinations that I've visited—all of which would be fun family locales (but, like, fun for adults too): London; Indiana Dunes National Park (the newest in the NPS); Nashville; Sonoma; Whitefish, Montana; Tuscany; Disney World and more.

Budget-Friendly Vacations Everyone Will Love

Travel isn't always super accessible for families, it certainly wasn't for mine growing up, and sometimes it takes a little ingenuity and chutzpah to have the experiences we want. I've rounded up some budget-friendly destinations, spread out all across the nation, that offer big-time adventures, published in Red Tricycle.

An Overnight at a Pineapple House?

Check out these unique rooms—caves, robot-themed, tree houses, space designs, igloos, Lego buildings—in a story published in Red Tricycle (plus my photograph of my sweet middle boy).

Opt Outside…Like, Right Now

I'm really happy with this story. Mostly because I love writing about nature and the importance of spending time with trees, but also because the words came effortlessly—breakneck, chop chop—as if my brain had cracked open and all of my passion and love just oozed onto the page.

I'm thankful to be a part of the award-winning SheKnows SHE Media family, because women's stories are being told in such dynamic and accessible ways.

So, here it is, my story for SheKnows on dropping the Fortnite controller, unplugging from the Matrix, and getting outside IRL.

Family-Friendly Getaways, Across the U.S.

Here are some ideas (plus a couple of my photographs) for family-friendly travel over Memorial Day weekend, across America: Vermont, California, Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Mississippi, and Georgia, published in TripSavvy.

Awesome Global Travel to Plan Now

D'ya need some wanderlust inspo? Check out my story on international destinations that are great getaways for families, published in Red Tricycle. (Florida, Turks & Caicos, Captiva, Grand Canyon National Park, Denver, Panama, Dominican Republic, Italy, St. Louis, Hawaii, Tennessee, California, Wisconsin, Arizona, Colorado, Great Exuma)

Visit These Beach Towns in the Off-Season

Summers at the beach are, of course, loads of fun for families, but spring offers a whole different experience. Many beach towns have local festivals, more affordable accommodations, and that same gorgeous view without all of the fair-weather beachgoer fans. Check out my list of beach vacations you’ll want to take before the crowds show up, published in Red Tricycle. (SLO CAL, Door County, St. Pete Beach, Massachusetts, Oregon, Maine, South Carolina, Mexico, Virginia)

Warmer-Weather Travel for Families

I've been flying through the work week at such a clip that I completely forgot to share this travel story I wrote for Red Tricycle, published just after the holidays. D'ya need some spring break travel ideas? What about: Turks & Caicos, Captiva and Sanibel Islands, Arizona, Denver, Panama City, Dominican Republic, Tuscany, St. Louis, Hawaii, Tennessee, California, Wisconsin Dells or Florida?