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Forbes Travel Articles

Nebraska Is Not For Everyone, But Maybe It Is For You

You’ll wake up well before the sun, don warm layers, and make your way through the frosty corn fields, with your flashlight pointed to the ground. The trek is half of the adventure. You’ll have to be noiseless, careful of your movements, as you sneak into a viewing blind on the edge of the Platte River in central Nebraska. It’s silent. It’s March. It’s cold. You’ll rub your hands together, pull your hat down over your ears, and bounce a bit to keep warm. And, just when you think you can’t stand the cold any longer, you’ll start to hear them beginning to wake up, lightly chortling and squeaking.

Your eyes will work to adjust to the darkness and you’ll barely make out their shapes in the moonlight as they move about the sandbars in the shallow water. As the sun starts to peak above the horizon, nature’s music builds. It’s a cacophony of trills, caws, and honks, which get louder and louder and permeate the air in a wild symphony as thousands of sandhill cranes stretch out their six foot wingspans and blur out the sky to search for a feast of waste grain left in the corn fields.

How To Make Fitness And Health A Priority While Traveling

We often eat and drink like it will be our last meal while on vacation. Who knows when you’ll be back, right? Being away from our routines, and the ease of home, doesn’t mean our wellbeing has to take a long walk off a short pier. Whether you’re planning a beach vacation, an adventurous romp in the mountains, or a trip abroad, you can easily eat well and move your body. Here are suggestions and tips for staying healthy and fit while traveling.

Helsinki Highlights: Top Things To Do In Finland’s Capital City

The colorful, clean, and minimalist seaside city of Helsinki has much to offer visitors. You’ll notice right away how nature-filled and peaceful the capital is, especially because a whopping third of the area is dedicated green space. The architecture and design elements throughout the urban areas are Instagram-worthy and the food culture is constantly offering up something newfangled and interesting. I loved exploring this city. Here are my highlights.

Top 7 Reasons To Visit Bali

I traveled solo to Indonesia three years ago and one of the best choices I made, besides joining a women's surf camp, was to hire a driver for the day to explore Bali. I saw several temples, including one after hours in the dark; the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud; weavers, Batik printers, and metal workers; and an active volcano. Reliving some of that, through writing this article, was a lot of fun.

Five Ways This Luxury Hotel In Chicago Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Langham Chicago has the first-ever charity suite, the Bright Pink Suite, which donates proceeds to Bright Pink, a non-profit that raises funds and awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Romance Of Travel And Taking It Slow

Technology has made travel easier, quicker, and more accessible, no doubt, but has it also sucked a bit of the romance out of our vacations?

City Guide: The Five Best Experiences In Florence, Italy

Even though the population is over 383,000 residents, Florence has a small town feel, with its meandering cobblestone streets, tiny boutiques and eateries, and shop vendors that make eye contact and say ciao.

Wildlife Adventure: Spot The Big Five In Alaska

Folks journey to Alaska’s interior to see wide open spaces, night skies that are free of light pollution—the perfect stage for spotting the elusive aurora borealis, and diverse populations of wildlife, fundamental to the state’s inhabitants and economy.

Llamas Are The New Unicorn: Here Are The Best Places To See Them

If you wander around the gardens, where guinea hens, chickens, a farm cat and a rogue peacock roam free, you’ll soon find a herd of brown and white alpacas. They’ll either be in the sunflower-lined pasture or spread out among the rows of lavender, where they nosh on bindweed.

The Greek Sponge Divers Of Tarpon Springs

My youngest, without hesitating, poked his finger into the gelatinous sponge when the Greek diver—still wearing his heavy rubber and metal authentic suit—handed it to him. Tarpon Springs was such an adventure that I thought I'd write about it and share my photographs.

Is Astrotourism The Next Big Thing? Incredible Nighttime Outdoor Adventures For Stargazers

If you’re the type of person that points out constellations in the night sky—Ursa Major (Big Dipper), Orion, Taurus—or maybe one that wakes up when it’s still dark, while on vacation, so that you can catch the sunrise, then Astrotourism is likely something that you’ll gravitate toward naturally.

Wild Adventures To Have Before Turning 40

Sliding out of your thirties and into the next decade doesn’t have to be ill-omened. There are, in fact, many brilliant benefits of getting older. If you find yourself yearning for a new adventure, whether to celebrate an approaching decade or to check off a bucket-list item, consider one of these experiences.

Fancy A Cold Treat? Ice Cream From Around The Globe

Tongue cooling flavors, presented in distinctive ways, are welcome rewards after a day romping around in a far-off country. Gelato in Italy, mochi in Japan, halva in Israel—here are delicious ways to experience a different culture.

Travel Deeper: The Sacred Valley of the Inca's Children of the Rainbow

Rainbows are everywhere in Peru’s Sacred Valley of the Incas. The small Andean village of Chinchero, where women weave multi-hued blankets, scarves, table runners and hats out of naturally dyed alpaca wool, is considered the mythical Incan birthplace of the rainbow. Hikers can summit Vinicuna, also called Rainbow Mountain, which has polychromatic patterned stripes due to the sedimentary mineral layers left in the soil, exposed by erosion and ice melt. The official flag of Cusco is banded with—you’ve guessed it—rainbow colors. The Children of the Rainbow, or Fundacion Ninos del Arco Iris, a school for underprivileged kids, is quite possibly the most kaleidoscopic of all. It’s here that vulnerable children are given hope for a better future through schooling, wholesome nutrition tailored to individual needs (many young ones are anemic), medical care and support.

Wild Thematic Restaurants In Tokyo You Have To Try

Ultramodern meets traditional in Tokyo, Japan’s pulsating capital city with nearly 14 million people walking among the neon-lit skyscrapers and ancient temples. The food here, of course, is worthy of its stars—Tokyo has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in the world. Standing out, then, is no easy task and some eateries have taken a different approach to lure in diners that are looking for something newfangled, nay wild. Below are restaurants that will make you shake your head, questioning your decision to visit, yet be the indelible experience that you will think—and talk—about ad nauseam. From horror shows to cat cafes to robot restaurants to food that is delivered in every color of the rainbow, you’ll be captivated by these inimitable themed creations in Tokyo.